ART 3240 //   

This course provides an investigation that focuses on the relevance of aesthetics and art criticism within contemporary art/aesthetic education.  Explorations of contemporary theories relevant to art education, as well as contemporary artists and issues in art and education are made salient.  Further, students examine current trends in culture, education (practice and theory) as well as artists of the past and present who express contemporary personal, social and global concerns in their work. Discussions are focused on how course content can influence artists, educators and classroom curriculum and instruction.


"The Book" as Medium

As students and scholars we are surrounded by books.  Pages of information at our fingertips, yet we often overlook the tactile pleasure found in turning a page or cracking a book spine in favor of digital resources. This project asks students to reimagine the role of these objects in artful contexts and consider how books, book-making ideas, book qualities speak to a big idea and how those books might convey a message greater than their functionality or topic.  Specifically, students were asked to create an aesthetic work inspired by or utilizing books. 



Joy Shind (2016). "Characters Alive"

Big Idea: Literature

Eric Breedlove (2016). Untitled

Big Idea: Transformation

Lydia Shattuck (2016). "Untitled"  Big Idea: RecontextulizationMedium

Lydia Shattuck (2016). "Untitled"

Big Idea: RecontextulizationMedium