I have performed lectures and given workshops on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to: creative habits of mind, diversity in and through education, stereotypes and the media (visual culture), and qualitative research methodologies. If you have questions about the nature of my lectures/workshops and are interested in inviting me speak to your group or event, please contact me! I have included a few selected talks/workshops below.

Invited Workshops/Lectures


Belcourt Theater, Science on Screen Speaker Series, Nashville, TN

"An Arts-Based Tale: Understanding the Social Science of Racism in Jordan Peele's GET OUT"

Albany Museum of Art, Albany, GA

"Mining the Gaps: Museum as 'Place' and Means to Build Foundations for Racial Understanding'"

Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"Facilitating Creative Thinking Dispositions: Learning to 'See Beyond the Ordinary'"

University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

"Fictions of Kinship: Portraits of African American Art Educators"

Spelman College (Museum of Art), Atlanta GA

"Center of Gravity: The Black/artist/educator Navigating Crooked Rooms" (honorarium)

University of Georgia, Athens, GA

"Media Messages: From Schema to Stereotype" 

"Race, Gender and Media: Images of Women in Visual Culture"

"Body Politics: Representation in Visual Culture"

 Lamar Dodd School of Art

"Cognitive Psychology: Stereotypes in Visual Culture

"Arts Patronage and Community: Stereotypes in Visual Culture" 

"(Re)envisioning the Lives of Stereotyped Characters in Art and Film"

"Experiences of Multiracials in America"

"Artistic Contributions for a Migrant Community"